Study Methods
Geochemical Soil Testing

Phase three involved intensive soil sampling of several architecture clusters for extractable phosphate
analysis in an attempt to detect the presence of gardens, orchards and other activity areas associated
with residential architecture.  The clusters sampled were selected judgmentally based on such factors
as preservation and a desire to elucidate the function of specific notable architecture clusters.  Samples
were collected from a five meter grid established over each cluster and oriented to the cardinal
directions.  Samples were collected from a depth of 15cm below the surface (below the active topsoil
level) using hand tools.  All samples were collected in Whirl Pak Plastic bags, marked with their
provenance and returned to the United States for analysis under a permit held by Dr. Marilyn Masson.  
Unfortunately, provenance information for several of the groups tested was lost.  As a result, I only draw
on these results in limited cases for the final conclusions made.  It is among my long term goals to
return to this work in the future as I believe that it can provide important results that were only partially
realized in this study.

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