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Modern Archaeological work at Mayapán (cont.)

Ongoing work by the Economic Proyecto Ecomónico de Mayapán (PEMY) under the direction of Marilyn
Masson, Carlos Peraza Lope and Timothy Hare (Masson, Peraza, and Hare 2001, 2003, 2004) is, in part,
focused on re-surveying and testing selected cleared milpa areas within the city wall but beyond the
monumental center.  These areas were broadly spaced across the city and included both residential
groups and civic/ceremonial architecture (Hare and Masson 2004; Masson and Peraza 2004).  
Preliminary results of the work (Hare et al. 2006) have examined the spatial patterning on a number of
features and artifacts inside of the city wall including: streets, market areas, administrative halls and
residences.  Analysis of the artifacts recovered in the work suggests economic stratification across the
city, possible barrios with either ethnic of trade relationships to both the Gulf Coast and settlements to the
east along the inner Yucatan and Caribbean coast.  Investigations have also focused on aspects of the
political economy (Masson et al. 2006) and social identity at the site (Masson and Peraza 2007; Peraza et
al. 2007).
My work provides a complementary, and sometimes contrasting, view of life at Mayapán.  By comparing
data from within the walled portion of the settlement with finds reflecting life outside of the wall, on the
rural-urban fringe of the site, I expand the scope of the ongoing studies of the social, economic and
demographic dimensions of this important late Maya center and add significant new details.

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